vrijdag 9 september 2011

work of the last week

Last few days I've been busy with some furniture that I already had for a while.
The colours were not right. The chair was dark red and the little desk was dark brown.
Not exactly something that would look nice in a brocante house. So I changed the colour to scandinavian green. Turns out more purple than green but I like the colour.
I also made a curtain ( don't know if this is the right word). This will go very well in one of the two appartments on the second floor :-)

dinsdag 6 september 2011

My other house

Absolutely no inspiration at the moment :-( Here are some photo's of my other house.

This is my first house and a lot of things I made I would do different now. Maybe I'll change it one day.
The kitchen is made by me but the inspiration came from Lea Frisoni.
The bookstore will stay in the house but I'll change the wallpaper. Too dark for my taste now.
At the moment I'm reading books and thinking of my elevator. Still not sure how to make that darned thing!!!
Something like this would be nice ;-)