donderdag 4 augustus 2011

vintage and roses

Lately I've been busy deciding what wallpaper I should use in the vintage shop.
That always a difficult but important choice. That makes or breaks a beautiful room.
I'll use the soft beige and browns. Not sure yet for the floor so that will have to wait. I'm thinking of a wooden floor or maybe tiles. But I can't find the tiles that I have in my head so that might take a while ;-)
The mirror is aged and looks a lot better now. The little cabinet is something I found in the shop when I was looking for wallpaper. I couldn't resist it.
It's so pretty!!

The window was a pain to put the paint and the wallpaper on. So it still looks a bit messy. Especially the outside needs a windowcleaner!! But first the floor and then the cleaning :-)

The bedspread is made by my mother in law. I love these roses but couldn't embroider so small. So she made 2 of these spreads for me. Isn't that sweet!! I'm lucky to have such a sweet lady as my mother in law :-)
I layed on of them on the double bed in my dutch house. This room is almost finished but I'm planning on changing a few things.
Dollhouses are never really finished are they?? There's allways room for improvement.