dinsdag 29 november 2011

Weekend in Paris

Last weekend I visited Paris with my oldest daughter Laura. We had a weekend magnifique!! We stayed in a hotel 5 minutes from le Tour Eiffel. That was great....we have a lots of picture of the tower :-)
This is one in the mist. This doesn't mean that we had bad weather....I just like this picture ;-)

Of course we also had to visit the shop of lea Frisoni. I bought a few beautiful things there; a little dress and a nightstand. These will go in the brocante house.
The windows are for a future project.
Lea's shop: Dentelles et Ribambelles.

Do you like my new agenda??? I bought it in the louvre.

The cutest little dress!!

Sunday we went to the Louvre and that's so great. I got a lot of inspiration for lots of things. The rooms of Napoleon were the best!!! And now try and make something like this at home ;-) Mmmm for my new project maybe.

Hugs, Monique

zondag 20 november 2011

Again the elevator

It's ready. Pfff but before it was there was a lot of cursing around here.
When the doors were the way they look in the former post I was satisfied and glued them in the house. BIG MISTAKE!!!
It looked alright but then I wanted to make photo's and put in the doors to the two shops. It's unbelievable that I didn't notice it before but the elevatordoors were way to big. It looked like crap. So I wanted to take them out again but that was some good glue I used. *&^%@*&
Of course that was impossible without ruining everything. I first went to make myself a cup of tea and then worked on a solution.
I made a new border on the top of the doors and then added little borders on the 'windows' so it would look like the doors can open.
The handles had to come off because they were too high. Of course the paint went off aswell.
Ooo well it's like Murpys law isn't it???
I have some great borders I bought on the Arnhem fair last year and that was just the thing to make a bit like I want it to look.
Not bad but not perfect either. Well I didn't want a perfect house but one that shows its years.
There you have it.......a hall with elevator.

Excuses for the crappy pictures. Some days it's just not meant to be.

Hugs, Monique

donderdag 17 november 2011


I see that I have to remove a hair but.....
I'm content :-)

woensdag 16 november 2011


The floor for the hall is finished!! I'll use the same tiles for the hall on the second floor. I'm really happy with the endresult.
Today I finally made some progress on the elevator. I've decided to make the doors of cardboard. We'll see were this leads to....I'm not completely sure yet ;-)

Well, I like the way you can see through the 'window'
I made a little lamp in the elevator for indirect light. This will look great (I hope) when its all finished.

dinsdag 1 november 2011

Tiles, tiles and more tiles

I finally found a nice tile for the hall. We found them in Beaune France.
We visited 'Les Hospices des Beaune' and there they were!!! Beautiful coulors and old. That's what I want for my french house. It should look all used.
On the floor tiling are written Nicolas Rolin's monogram and his motto "Seulle" referring to his wife, Guigone de Salins.
Nicolas Rolin and his wife created a hospital and refuge for the poor.
This museum is really worth a visit if you're in Beaune. It's absolutely beautiful.