donderdag 27 januari 2011

The brocante shop

Last week I've also been busy with a pram. I really love Sylvia's workshops!! They are easy to follow and the result is always beautiful. This pram though has been a lot of work. I've changed the fabric to make it more my own thing. When I started working on it I thought it would be a disaster but it turned out very good. It's a great detail in my shop and a place to rest the dolls ;-)
This morning I collected all my miniatures that I made and bought for the shop and put it all together in the shop. The house is far from finished but I couldn't resist putting it in the house for a while. So far I love it. Needs some color maybe.

woensdag 26 januari 2011

The steampunkset has arrived

Yesterday I had the greatest mail one can have. An envelop from the USA with a miniature inside!!! In real life it looks even better than on photo's. It's so beautiful and the light can be switched on and off. That's an extra that really lifts it to another level. And when you lift the little box up you can open it and inside is a little wand. So much detail!!! Lorraine, many thanks really made my week ;-)

Here a few photos of the workshop. The artist needs to be changed. He's to clean and his shoes are terrible!! He's got a little corner for his steampunkwork.

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Another table

In a furniture-magazine I saw a 'metal' table. I decided to make one in mini for my artist. I think it looks good!! He's busy with something steampunk as you can see.

donderdag 20 januari 2011

New table for my artist

The little shop that I build is the home for an artist. The plan was an artist like Mark Ryden. He makes paintings but also other art. I especially love his pictureframes. The plan has slightly changed, my artist will also make steampunk-art.
This is something I found surfing the internet and I love it!!
I saw a steampunk wandset on a blog and fell in love with it. Lorraine had one left and that one was on ebay. I bought it and now it's on its way to me.
The artist didn't have a table yet so that was about time. That set needs a place to stay ;-)
So here it is: a table for the workshop. I also made a basket for my brocantehouse and a light. Not sure were that will go but I liked making it.

zondag 9 januari 2011

First mini's in 2011

First of all I want to wish everybody a very happy 2011 with lots of inspiration.
This weekend I've been busy with mini again. It's been al while because of lack of inspiration and time.
This was a workshop I had laying around. It's one of Sylvia's great workshops. It will be a nice addition in my brocanteshop for the time being. In the future I want to build a new house myself and maybe it will go in there.