donderdag 4 augustus 2011

vintage and roses

Lately I've been busy deciding what wallpaper I should use in the vintage shop.
That always a difficult but important choice. That makes or breaks a beautiful room.
I'll use the soft beige and browns. Not sure yet for the floor so that will have to wait. I'm thinking of a wooden floor or maybe tiles. But I can't find the tiles that I have in my head so that might take a while ;-)
The mirror is aged and looks a lot better now. The little cabinet is something I found in the shop when I was looking for wallpaper. I couldn't resist it.
It's so pretty!!

The window was a pain to put the paint and the wallpaper on. So it still looks a bit messy. Especially the outside needs a windowcleaner!! But first the floor and then the cleaning :-)

The bedspread is made by my mother in law. I love these roses but couldn't embroider so small. So she made 2 of these spreads for me. Isn't that sweet!! I'm lucky to have such a sweet lady as my mother in law :-)
I layed on of them on the double bed in my dutch house. This room is almost finished but I'm planning on changing a few things.
Dollhouses are never really finished are they?? There's allways room for improvement.

3 opmerkingen:

Jollie zei

WAUW!!! Mooi gedaan Monique!
Ik vind je behangkeuze heel erg goed bij de winkel passen, de spiegel is ontzettend mooi geworden nu hij verouderd is en het kastje had ik geloof ik ook niet kunnen laten staan lol ;-)

Inderdaad... je boft maar met zo'n lieve en creatieve schoonmoeder ;-) het sprei is prachtig!!
(Ik wordt nu trouwens erg nieuwsgiering naar dat Nederlandse huis... ;-)

Liefs Jollie

Eva zei

¡Que bonita combinaciĆ³n de colores y elementos!.
La colcha que te ha hecho tu suegra es un impagable, preciosa.
Un saludo, Eva

Lataina zei

The bedspread is so beautiful! Your mother-in-law is very sweet indeed! =) The bedroom is great. Everything goes so perfectly. =)