dinsdag 29 november 2011

Weekend in Paris

Last weekend I visited Paris with my oldest daughter Laura. We had a weekend magnifique!! We stayed in a hotel 5 minutes from le Tour Eiffel. That was great....we have a lots of picture of the tower :-)
This is one in the mist. This doesn't mean that we had bad weather....I just like this picture ;-)

Of course we also had to visit the shop of lea Frisoni. I bought a few beautiful things there; a little dress and a nightstand. These will go in the brocante house.
The windows are for a future project.
Lea's shop: Dentelles et Ribambelles.

Do you like my new agenda??? I bought it in the louvre.

The cutest little dress!!

Sunday we went to the Louvre and that's so great. I got a lot of inspiration for lots of things. The rooms of Napoleon were the best!!! And now try and make something like this at home ;-) Mmmm for my new project maybe.

Hugs, Monique

3 opmerkingen:

Lataina zei

Your pictures are so pretty! How lucky for you to visit Lea's shop. The little dess and nightstand are beautiful! =)

Roelie zei

Wat is het toch een feest om zo af en toe naar Parijs te gaan. Je komt altijd tijd en ogen tekort.
Prachtige foto van de eiffeltoren heb je gemaakt en ook je aankopen bij Lea zijn prachtig, ik was er in september.

Léa zei

Oh, que les photos sont jolies (merci beaucoup, Monique <3) !

J'espère que vous trouverez le temps de réaliser ce projet avec une si belle inspiration, le Louvre est un endroit merveilleux.