vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Finally finished

Pfff it's been a while but finally my carpet is finished. I haven't been doing a lot of mini lately but now I think it's coming back.
Here's my abusson rug.

I really love it!!!

I've been reading Casey's minis a lot. She has a lot of great tips for embroidery.
She inspired me to make a celtic rug. So that will be the next one. Hopefully it won't take as much time as the abusson rug.
Casy also makes a lot of minis in steampunk style. As you might know I like that style a lot too. Really would like to make a house in that style but my space is limited so I'm thinking of changing my dutch house. I've had that one for years now and maybe it's time for a redo.

This is not the other project. That on slowly gets shape in my head. I'm thinking of making a version of Longbourn House. The house of the Bennets in  'pride and prejudice'. I really love that house in the film and would like for my new house to have that kind of style.
But I really need an extra room for that one so that will have to wait for now.
I'll start with the redo of the dutch house first. Hope to come back with more photo's soon.

Hugs, Monique

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Kate zei

What a lovely rug and so well done! Petitpoint is such a lot of work, but there's such a feeling of satisfaction when a piece is completed. Thanks for sharing this♥

17-17 zei

Beautiful carpet,

Anoniem zei
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Anoniem zei
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