zondag 22 mei 2011

1 week on the road

We have been driving through the US for the last week now. What a big country is this!!! I'll never get used to the space and emptiness here. We have seen Walnut Grove and DeSmet. The homes of the Ingallsfamily. It's been great to walk around in the same towns where laura used to live. Lot has changed but with a bit of imagination you can see how it must have looked like in those days.
The weather is not so good but that is not stopping us from having a great time here!!!

This are some of Laurs's things

The fireplace that was used in the series 'little house on the prairie'

The prairie how it looks like today

The graves of the family Ingalls in DeSmet

That's it for now. The internet is terribly slow!!!

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Jollie zei

Mooi om de foto's te zien van waar zich dit af heeft gespeeld. Dat moet wel een hele bijzondere ervaring zijn geweest om dit te mogen bezoeken :-)

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