zondag 15 mei 2011

USA here we come!!!

Tomorrow we'll be on our way to America for a vacation!!! We'll be visiting the north and will see a lot of beautiful places :-)
We'll absolutely visit Walnut Grove and De Smet because of the family Ingalls and Laura especially!!! I've always enjoyed her stories in books and on the tv and now I have the chance to see it for myself. Can't wait ;-).
We will also see the badlands and Yellow Stone. So I'l be in the big world for a while instead of the mini-world LOL.
When there's a chance I'll put some photo's on my blog.
For now here's a little roombox I made as a souvenir of our last vacation in the midwest. The mini's are bought somewhere along the route and the photo's are made in Arches NP. The rest is made by me. This roombox always takes me back to that vacation.

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Jollie zei

Prachtige roombox! Dat is echt een super leuke herinnering voor je en ook erg leuk om te maken dat is dan toch nog even heerlijk nagenieten meteen ;)

Ik wens jullie een super leuke vakantie toe maar dat zal ongetwijfeld wel lukken ;)
Ben heeeel benieuwd hoe het daar is, ik vind de serie van het kleine huis ok altijd zo mooi.

Geniet er maar van en tot gauw weer :)

Liefs Jollie